about-photoI grew up in Des Moines, Iowa. I love it here. Lot’s of opportunity here in this growing city.

After taking my first job as a fashion photographer, I learned how to build websites on the job. We were a small company and I had been singled out for having the aptitude for visual creativity as well as understanding and learning code. Growing into a solid web designer over the following years, I earned a position as the web development director of a local design firm. After two years there, I set up shop and started freelancing.

For the last 6 years I have spent nearly all of my effort focused on developing websites for solo entrepreneurs and small businesses. During this time I have learned some valuable lessons. Primarily that a website often gets built with the hope of ROI. Making money is rarely intentional and a significant amount of energy is focused on the look of a site.

Consequently if you want to build a site that actually adds value to your clients and your business you need to be intentional about it. I’ve discovered and developed real world tools that get the job done.

What’s “the job”? Making your site profitable.

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– John